Dana Chiayi: Despite of all the beauty of photography, I always think that what catches the eyes in nature can’t be carried out by camera.



There may be a few people who don’t have admiration when they see the mountains of Kurdistan and its fantastic nature.  In fact, nature is a permanent source for humans, full of beautiful senses and spirit, which provides them with contentment and existence. When a person admires something, unconsciously they try to find a way to express their feelings and emotions.

The magical impact of the nature and fantastic mountains of Kurdistan was the reason motivated a graduate from Kurdish Language Department at Soran University to search for nature and record the most natural and lovely views of the Kurdistan Region, in particular Balakayati district. After graduating from university, Dana Jafar has started his journey into the fantasy of nature step by step from scene to scene accordingly. He records the attractive and fantastic views of nature.

In a statement to university media, Dana talked about his admiration to photography and stated "My love and my admiration for nature goes back to 2008 and my goal was to be able to record the attractive scenes of Kurdistan nature”. Dana, whose photos are mostly concerned with nature, described nature and said “as a lover of nature, I owe to the nature, and despite all the beauty of photography, I always think that what catches the eyes can’t be recorded completely by camera”. Dana also said, due to my love for the mountains and the nature of Kurdistan, I chose "Chiayi" for my nickname.

As far as the impacts of Kurdistan nature are concerned Dana mentioned "The nature of Kurdistan has attracted me and pushed me to record the beauty of nature, the night views and its beauty, and the portraits of the elderly”.

"Some of my photographs have become a good source of social media.  I have also been awarded honor awards, including the largest Middle East photography group, which awarded me an honor award” he also added‌.

In another part of the interview, Dana stated that he has recorded videos of many natural phenomena and he has referred to them natural resources, including "Zami Paiz (The Autumn Wound), Rhela (Drizzling), Turabuni Srusht (Anger of nature), La Bahashtawa (From the Heaven)".

Finally, It is worth to mention that Dana is from Balakayati area, he holds bachelor's degree in Kurdish Language Department in the Faculty of Arts-Soran University- Soran University-2014.