• Dr Muslih Mustafa Giving A Speech

    Dr Muslih's Speech at the fifth Graduation Ceremony of Soran University

    Dear guests, welcome to the graduation ceremony of Soran University.

    Dear graduated students of the fifth round of Soran University

    Whole-heartedly, I congratulate each of

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  • Dr Muslih  Dr Howri  Krmanj Ezzat

    Soran University Honours Dr Hawre Mansurbeg

  • Dr Yagdar Delevering A Speech

    Speech of welcome by Dr Yadgar, Vice president for Student Affairs for the 5th Graduation Ceremony of Soran University

  • Graduation Ceremony 5th Round 2013 2014

    Soran University Held Its 5th Graduation Ceremony

  • Rachel And Shane

    Shane and Rachel: "We live here; we are a part of this society, so we should help its people."

  • Swimming Upstream Education From A Critical Lens

    Swimming Upstream: Education from a critical lens

  • Rt Hon David Davis MP

    A British MP impressed by an Article by Experts from Soran University

  • David Romano

    David Romano talks about oil and gas policy in Kurdistan Region

  • Dr Sajadi

    The ability of an instructor in Soran University is shining in the international scientific journals

  • The Conversation Magazine

    An Article by Three Experts from Soran University Gains Support for the Independence of Kurdistan

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