• Dr Muslih  Dr Nahro

    The President of Soran University's meeting with successful teachers from the HCDP

  • Omed Said Khidhr

    Soran University has awarded its first Master’s Degree in Law

  • Dr Muslih Mustafa Giving A Speech

    Dr Muslih's Speech at the fifth Graduation Ceremony of Soran University

  • Dr Yusuf Goran

    Dr Yousif Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research speaking at the 5th Graduation Ceremony of Soran University.

  • One Young World Summit 2014

    Soran University Representative Attends International Forum of One Young World

  • Dr Hameed Darbandy

    5th Graduation Ceremony Speech delivered by Dr Hamid Darbandi, representing Mr Masoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

  • Dr Muslih  Dr Howri  Krmanj Ezzat

    Soran University Honours Dr Hawre Mansurbeg

  • Dr Yagdar Delevering A Speech

    Speech of welcome by Dr Yadgar, Vice president for Student Affairs for the 5th Graduation Ceremony of Soran University

  • Graduation Ceremony 5th Round 2013 2014

    Soran University Held Its 5th Graduation Ceremony

  • Rachel And Shane

    Shane and Rachel: "We live here; we are a part of this society, so we should help its people."

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